Brianza Experience is proposed as the incubator and instrument of a new policy of exploitation of resources, development and communication in the service of the enterprises and inhabitants of the areas involved. The towns that are promoting it have embarked on a project of inter-municipal and inter-provincial regional marketing, with the aim of fostering economic and cultural initiatives for local development.
The mainstay of Brianza Experience lies in the concept and values associated with ‘know-how’. And this is also the distinctive trait shared by the ten towns and cities taking part (Cabiate, Cantù, Carugo, Figino Serenza, Giussano, Lentate sul Seveso, Lissone, Mariano Comense, Meda and Sovico), places where activities linked to the wood and furniture sector are the driving force behind their development, economic progress and reputation at a worldwide level.


The mission and values of BE are best expressed through the pilot projects and experimental initiatives that boost the region’s offering, rationalizing the elements of greatest interest on the plane of production and culture in order to exploit the existing assets and make them known internationally.

The common objective of the projects that have been carried out is the development of a series of good practices to support both the choices of economic and regional policy on the part of public decision-makers and the acquisition of expertise in a joint way by companies, which can then independently create opportunities for the development and revival of the region’s manufacturing capacities.



Comune di Cabiate

Comune di Cantù

Comune di Carugo

Comune di Figino Serenza

Comune di Giussano

Comune di Lentate sul Seveso

Comune di Lissone

Comune di Mariano Comense

Comune di Meda

Comune di Sovico